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May 25th, 2012
12:00 PM ET
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Some people maintain that Memorial Day weekend officially marks the start of grilling season and Labor Day, the end. Those people, for the most part, are wrong. Some folks maintain the flame in snowdrifts up to their thighs. Others won't haul out the hibachi until late September because it'll finally be cool enough to cook outside without wilting like a hothouse gardenia. July is National Grilling Month, but that's just kind of incidental.

What we're saying is, so long as our spatula isn't actively frozen or melted to our hands, and monsoon spray does not prevent us from lighting a charcoal chimney, we're going to be outdoors, putting flame to food and quaffing a cold beverage. Why don't you just come along and join us?

Catch up on the rest of our great cookout and picnic tips below, and if you run into a sticky grilling situation - we're here to help. Share your burning questions in the comments or Tweet us @eatocracy and we'll have your festivities back on track in no time.

Achieve Grilling Greatness

Grate balls of fire? Not on our watch.
Help! My neighbors stink at grilling!
C'mon baby, light my fire – just don't skimp on the flavor
Up your grilling game
Red hot grilling tips from Eatocracy readers
5 grilling mistakes – and how to fix them
Advice from killer grillers
Grilling: A love story
Why girls should grill

Brilliant Burgers

Burgers – a step-by-step guide
Best. Burgers. EVER and Best. Cheeseburger. EVER
Dean Martin's Bourbon Burgers
Buffalo sliders and fried chicken that raises the bar
Slider battle!
Big, bad burgers from around the country
Food & Wine's favorite burgers
Top 10 burgers in the United States

Monumental Meat

Make a brilliant pork butt
The trick to grilling chicken breasts
Turn your grill into a smoker and rock these ribs
Gimme that foolproof fillet of grilled fish
Five slices of barbecue wisdom
Five tips for hot dog success
How to smoke a brisket in your backyard
Rack up on rib pointers
Take a stab at a slab – an intro to ribs
Five steps to steak supremacy
Hearts afire! Liver, marrow, kidneys and more great offal for the grill
Whole hog BBQ - the Mount Everest of Meat
Five cuts of meat to buy and grill
A prime rib primer
Lobster roll 101
What every carnivore should know

Stellar Sides

Celebrate summer squash
Best potato salad we've ever had
How to grill corn
Great old fashioned butter beans and field peas
Grilled pizza basics
All about cole slaw
The art of the deviled egg
Ultimate grilled okra
The only salad that matters right now
A vegetarian may show up at your cookout. Do not be alarmed.

The Art of Outdoor Dining

Don't get sick from your picnic! A food safety primer
10 Commandments of cookout etiquette
Grilling by the numbers
Make your tailgate a touchdown
5 picnic no-nos
How to use grilling leftovers
Bring your indoor favorite to the great outdoors
Make a Mexican-inspired outdoor feast

Divine Drinks

The perfect wine for every grilling scenario
Iced tea awesomeness every time
You need to stay hydrated, might as well make it interesting
Make perfect lemonade
Ideal wines for grilled burgers, steaks, chicken and seafood
Frank talk: Pairing wine with hot dogs
Best burger-friendly wines
The right wine for that burger you're eating - OK, a few more suggestions
Wine + BBQ = Heaven
Chill out with wine
Drink this with summer seafood
The United States of Lemonade

And feast on the results of The Picnic Poll to find out what your fellow chefs like for a main dish and drink, burger topping, side dish and dessert.

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