February 14th, 2012
09:45 AM ET
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Is it hot in here, or is it just the peppercorns? We asked José Andrés, Michel Nischan, Gail Simmons, Michael Chiarello, Sang Yoon, John Besh, Richard Blais and Andrew Zimmern to deliver some serious sweet talk to their favorite ingredients and kitchen tools in the video above.

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Wherein Andrew Zimmern went for the full Bourdain
July 27th, 2010
11:30 AM ET
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This just in, from tonight's ABC's Nightline, Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern speaks about his journey from addict to a James Beard Award-winning food personality.

John Berman: It was a serious drug problem?

Andrew Zimmern: Oh very serious. Yeah – hard drug addict, alcoholic, la package totale.

Berman: So, we’re not talking about like dabbling in drugs?

Zimmern: Oh, no no no we’re talking about – let me see if I can paint the picture for you: I lived in an abandoned building in lower Manhattan; one that we squatted – a bottle gang and I. I would steal purses off the backs of chairs in those swanky little cafes on Madison Avenue, run down the side street, leap the wall at Central Park and 5th Avenue, get on the subway, go down to the lower east side and sell the credit cards and passports that were in the purses for money to support my drug and alcohol habit. And then go to sleep at night on a pile of dirty clothes in this abandoned building and I sprinkled a bottle of Comet Cleanser around so the rats and roaches wouldn’t cross over at night so I could pass out in some peace and quiet and that’s what I thought was normal. That’s how I lived for a year – no showering, I was the guy you crossed the street to avoid if you walked by me in New York.

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