July 27th, 2012
05:00 PM ET
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"London. You know: fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary (expletive) Poppins. ...London!"

That line, delivered by Dennis Farina's fast-talking, diamond-dealing character Avi in Guy Richie's 2000 hit film "Snatch," sums up the long-held convention that English food is rather bleak. However, such stereotypes are fortunately antiquated.

London, with its cultural vibrancy and burgeoning international food scene, has become a destination for gastronomes seeking modern, exotic dishes with a touch of old-world charm. In today’s London, you can grab a good old-fashioned pint and shepherd’s pie at the pub for lunch and feast on top-notch curry for dinner.

Here are a few suggestions for a flavor-filled weekend in the Olympics host city:

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July 25th, 2012
04:15 PM ET
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During the month of Ramadan, which began July 19 and continues through August 18, from dawn to dusk observant Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sex in order to purify themselves, learn humility, pray and concentrate on Allah's teachings.

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