What the guac? Oxford updates food definitions
August 28th, 2013
11:30 AM ET
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"Srsly, I had such a girl crush on the vendor who was selling those blondie cake pops with pear cider guac dipping sauce at the street food fair. Squee! Apols for the jorts-wearing selfie, but I totally needed to document the food baby I'm about to have."

TL;DR - Oxford Dictionaries Online announced on its blog today that some food-centric (along with tech and fashion) buzzwords have now been added to its official online lexicon, reflecting: "the linguistic influence of the world of gastronomy." The online resource regularly updates its listings to reflect current terminology, and culinary offerings just since May include:

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June 15th, 2010
09:51 AM ET
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Category: Ingredient
Origin: Japanese
Definition: A rice wine used extensively in Japanese cooking

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June 15th, 2010
09:49 AM ET
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Category: Dish
Origin: Vietnamese
Definition: A Vietnamese rice-noodle soup made with beef broth and thin slices of beef

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June 15th, 2010
09:45 AM ET
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genetically modified organism, GMO
Category: Description
Definition: An animal or plant whose genetic code has been altered by scientists for durability, flavor other qualities seen as desirable. There's great controversy over the safety and morality of introducing GMOs into the food supply

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