Lunchtime poll – dating and dinner
August 4th, 2010
12:15 PM ET
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A friend of ours dated a woman he started referring to as "Alligator Arms." They'd go out to fabulous meals, drinking and laughing and playing footsie under the table and generally having a lovely time.

Then the check would come. According to him, she'd suddenly duck out to the ladies' room or - at this point in the story, he'd draw his elbows next to his ribcage and make sad, flailing gestures - slightly lean toward her purse, but somehow not be able to reach it, assuming he'd swoop in.

He always did, and he actually wouldn't have let her pay if she'd offered, as he made approximately fifty beeellliiiiooon times more money than she did, but always hoped she'd offer.

Share your dating and paying war stories in the comments below and we'll share our favorites in an upcoming post.

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The great lunch swap
July 23rd, 2010
12:00 PM ET
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You're at work and lunch time rolls around. You've been responsible enough to brown-bag it to eat healthier and possibly save money, but then, you start peeking around.

Your desk mate's lunch looks far more appetizing than what you’ve sloppily tossed together for yourself. It's a scene that plays out from childhood lunchrooms all the way to your cube at work. Co-workers Callie and Tommy decided to rekindle their love of lunch by trying a three day swap.

Callie and Tommy established a few simple rules to their lunch swap:

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