July 14th, 2011
09:15 AM ET
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They say that our sense of smell is one of the strongest triggers of memories. Of course, our sense of smell is integral to our sense of taste so it is no surprise then that in a life full of moving and traveling, food has always been a source of familiar comfort for me. In particular, one meal from one restaurant stands out above the rest and still stirs precious memories whenever I think about it.

When I was young, Paris was a frequent summer destination for my family, and while I don’t get there very often anymore, whenever I land at Charles DeGaulle airport my mouth starts to water at the very thought that I am only a few miles away from my own personal culinary heaven.

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May 23rd, 2011
12:45 PM ET
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Alexandra Willingham is a CNN video journalist. She previously introduced us to the culinary delights of Key West.

For all Paris has to offer – history, scenery, romance – food is still a main claim to fame. While it would be impossible to list all of the delicious and varied French dishes you may come across, this a good starter for those lucky enough to visit the City of Lights.

1. French Onion Soup
This savory soup is a common example of a popular stateside dish that has its roots in French cuisine. It is a symphony in three parts: a caramelized onion-laced broth, croutons, and a layer of crunchy, bubbly cheese. Onion soup is on the menu at nearly every restaurant, which means the variety is endless - from light broths to rich, heavy brown stew and a particularly compelling presentation where the soup is poured, tableside, over fried onions atop an onion soufflé.

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