Eatocracy: We're going there
August 7th, 2014
08:00 AM ET
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Dear readers,

Fix yourself a plate, grab a drink from the cooler and sit down with us for a minute. We've got some exciting news to feast on.

Like the rest of our colleagues at CNN, Eatocracy is gonna Go There. Uh - over there, actually, to our new home on

We'll still cook up the same robust blend of food news, culture and politics, opinion, cooking tutorials, heartfelt essays, goofy musings and eye-rolling food puns that Eatocracy has been serving on the blog for the past four years. But expect an extra helping of slow-braised, bigger, badder, deeper stories that might even (gasp!) take us away from our desks every once in a while and out into the unknown.

We're hungry for this new adventure and we invite you to join us at the table.


Kat Kinsman and Sarah LeTrent

Our new home: Eatocracy on

Go There

p.s. You'll still be able to find older stories right here on the blog, but make sure to bookmark to get here.

One year of Eatocracy
June 17th, 2011
10:30 AM ET
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One year ago today, Eatocracy went live to the world, and while plenty of people are still a tad confused about how to pronounce it*, they've had no shortage of things to say. As managing editor, I couldn't be more delighted. We started this site because we love nothing more than talking about food.

I don't just mean waxing rhapsodic about the ultimate grilled cheese, perfect burger or shrimp etouffee - though we certainly enjoy sinking our teeth into those conversations. We love stirring the pot and getting people thinking, talking and typing back about all the issues, politics, relationships and emotions that go into feeding both your body and your soul.

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June 17th, 2010
01:03 PM ET
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Eatocracy is your online home for smart, passionate conversation and information about food news, politics, culture. We'll highlight regional and family recipes, dive into restaurants and food shopping, chat with celebrity and local chefs, and show you what's for dinner around the world tonight. Grab a place at the table and read with your mouth full.

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