December 10th, 2013
01:30 AM ET
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Chances are that if you're a carbon-based, two-legged life form, some people in your sphere eat food. More than one of them probably likes it enough to read, talk, blog or take pictures of it in a manner that borders on obsessive.

Receiving any or all of these items for the holidays will bring them great joy.

– Gifts for eating –

Spirited sauces
A little kiss of whiskey makes any dish better. Locally-sourced ingredients and small-batch craftsmanship turn it into a masterpiece. This "Kentuckyaki," barrel-aged Worcestershire, and Bluegrass soy sauce gift box may just ruin the lucky recipient for non-bourbon-barrel-aged condiments for the rest of time, but at least you know what you're giving them next year. And the year after that.
Bourbon Barrel Foods ($25)

Marshmallow wonderland
Plastic bags of jet-puffed pillows are fine and dandy, but once you've floated on a flavor cloud of sugar cookie, peppermint, bourbon and honey marshmallows, you'll forever be chasing that high. They're crafted with cane sugar and a whole lot of love by Jenn and Nathan Clark (a couple who are really into 'mallow-making) and this Christmas gift set will seriously up anyone's cocoa dunking and s'mores making game.
Wondermade ($27 for four boxes)

Pinch of inspiration
There isn't a kitchen on Earth that couldn't use a little kick of spice - but where to begin? The clever collection of 20 mini-tins in the "For Starters" gift get is a great way to help a budding cook (or one who's just short on space) explore a world of flavor without a massive cash or cabinet commitment.
Colonel De's ($35)

¡Viva España!
"José's way" is a descriptor frequently found on chef (and recently sworn-in U.S. citizen) José Andrés' restaurant menus, and we've found it's just best to trust the man's palate. The same goes for Andrés' new at-home offerings. The "¡Salud, España!" Spanish vegetable collection brings together packaged edibles from his native Spain, all in one party-ready box. (You bring the sangria.)
José Andrés Foods ($50)

– Gifts for drinking –

In with the gin crowd
This is not your father's tonic; it's your great-grandfather's, and you should surely raise a toast to the man once you've got a killer G&T in your fist. This small-batch quinine concentrate is way more than just a mixer - it's an homage to an era of handcrafted cocktails. Mix it with soda water and your favorite gin and celebrate the spirit of tipplers past and present.
Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. ($16)

For advent-urous drinkers
Yes, the season of Advent is already afoot (for the non-Roman Catholics among us, it's the start of the liturgical year), but recipients of the Whisky Advent Calendar probably won't mind playing catch-up. Each of the 24 windows opens to reveal a 3-ounce dram of one of the world's most adventurous Scotches, bourbons and other single malts and whisky blends.
Master of Malt ($245.14)

– Gifts for growing –

Rooted in history
Give a kid a carrot and she may or may not eat it. Help a kid grow a carrot, and she'll munch up every bit. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds specializes in preserving rare and heirloom seeds, so future generations might enjoy a bio-diversified bounty of tasty produce and not just get stuck with the boring stuff at the supermarket. The Large Heirloom Package contains 50 full-sized packets of at least 30 varieties suited to grow in different regions of the country.
Northern or Southern container ($84)

– Gifts for cooking/mixing –

Have a heart
Le Creuset cast iron pots are at the top of any serious home-cook's wish list, but nothing says loving quite like a heart-shaped casserole in your oven. Not only will this dish serve up two quarts of smiles every time it's used - it comes with a lifetime warranty so your gift will keep them feeling warmhearted for decades to come.
Le Creuset ($180)

Nice ice, baby
It's the little things that turn a meal into a feast and a get-together into a soiree. Having hefty hunks of perfectly-cubed ice on hand at all times is a simple way to introduce elegance into an everyday ritual. Skip the cracking and twisting - the King Cube ice tray slips 'em out almost effortlessly and elevates even a plain glass of water into a small luxury.
Tovolo (around $8)

– Gifts for serving –

Bottoms up - and on the table
According to the folks at Refresh Glass, over two thirds of wine bottles aren't recycled - and that adds up to a sizable chunk of glass. It's not like any of us are likely to quit sipping vino at any point soon, so consider the next best thing: reincarnation as water glasses. We first noticed these gorgeous, deep-punted vessels at Husk Restaurant in Nashville and have been devotedly drinking from them even since.
Refresh Glass ($24 – $40 for four)

Keep your fine wine divine
Not much for commitment? Fine. You can pick a different wine for each dish without popping the cork on a single bottle. The Coravin 1000 System inserts a thin, hollow needle through a cork, pressurizes the inside with argon and sends wine back up through the system and into your glass. The cork reseals itself and the contents never come in contact with oxygen, keeping your fine wines fresh, glass after glass.
Coravin ($299)

Cut to the chase
It slices! It dices! It opens bottles! It...really, what more do you need a bar tool to do? Look cool? The "Wench" bar knife with bottle opener has a firm handle on the aesthetic end of things, too. Former heavy-duty diesel mechanic, Rich Sandomeno, builds his gear to last, and look sharp on the job.
Spragwerks ($70)

– Gifts for wearing –

It's a bun-derful life
If your pal likes burgers so much, shouldn't they just marry one? Cult jewelry designer Tatty Devine decks this gloriously cheesy wood and plastic ring with a smattering of Swarovski crystals sesame seeds for extra kitsch. (Note: this ships from the UK and may arrive after Christmas.)
Tatty Devine (£40.00)

You must chill
You may love Rusty Pistachio for his guitar shreds and vocal stylings as a member of the hardcore band H20, but we've long dug the edgy blend of rockstar swagger and borderline adorable iconography in his Pnut Jewelry collection. Amidst the switchblade and brass knuckle charms, there's a sweet bounty of winged cupcake charms, bejeweled ice cream cones and our favorite - an icy cool homage to the classic double popsicle.
Pnut Jewelry ($128)

– Gifts for reading and playing –

Stick to the subject
Response to Short Stack Editions' initial Kickstarter was so enthusiastic, contributors nearly doubled the original goal of $50,000. The hand-bound volumes in the original run each featured original recipes from a single author highlighting a particular ingredient - eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, buttermilk, grits and sweet potatoes. A 2014 subscription will nab your lucky recipient the next six issues, a Short Stack kitchen towel and other custom-made goodies throughout the year.
Short Stack Editions ($75)

When you're here, you're family
David and Karen Waltuck's sadly-departed restaurant Chanterelle lives large in the hearts of its many regulars. Their cookbook "Staff Meals from Chanterelle," co-written in 2000 with Phillips, Melicia, commanded nearly as devoted a following for its crowd-pleasing, budget-friendly recipes like Chicken with Olives and Preserved Lemons, Lamb Shanks with Tomato and Rosemary, and Hot Beef Borscht for Aunt Gertie. The restaurant closed suddenly in 2009 after a 30-year run, and the cookbook, maddeningly, went out of print - until now. Okay, it's a Kindle edition rather than a physical copy, but still, any food obsessive worth his or her fleur de sel will appreciate having a taste of Chanterelle back in their life.
Amazon $3.03

– Gifts for decorating –

You never sausage a thing!
Yes, this is a blood sausage pillow. No, it's not for everyone, but what's the wurst that could happen? If you have an offal lover in your life, this surely will meat with their approval and delight.
Aufschnitt Berlin ($43)

A measured response
Designer Betty Turbo had already wrestled our hearts to the mat with her pun-derful "S'Morrissey" pillow featuring the former lead singer of The Smiths sandwiched with chocolate and marshmallow between two graham crackers. This poppy print featuring common kitchen measurements, festooned with utensils and luchadores, was the knock-out blow.
Etsy $20

Gifts for people who like to cook, host, read, eat and drink

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    Es un tema en el que estoy muy interesada. Por cierto, vuestros contenidos son muy interesantes, os felicito por ello.
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  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    The other day, I went to WORLD MARKET – I grabbed a basket ( a nice one ) and then filled it to the brim with the oddest sounding foods I could find. I gave it to my friend, the self proclaimed: FOOD PERVERT and she was/is in heaven! I personally think that's the best gift I have ever given someone!

    December 19, 2013 at 6:54 pm |
  3. Clown

    If you like fattening food that aint good for you go to Mcdonalds or KFC. :D

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  4. shawn l

    I have a couple King Cube ice trays and they are pretty awesome I must say, the cubes last longer and dont water down drinks as much.

    December 11, 2013 at 6:29 am |
  5. Matt

    If you like fruitcakes check out Colonial Fruitcakes on Etsy. They are awesome!!!

    December 10, 2013 at 4:28 pm |
  6. cali girl

    Check out Spice and Tea Exchange in San Francisco. Bought some amazing Blueberry Black tea leaves, Mountain Jasmine Green Tea leaves. And also lots of meal ideas with spices packages, sugar so many ways, Bacon Salt, bakers spices with vanilla bean, cocoa nibs, maple sugar, cinnamon and other goodies.

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