August 30th, 2013
12:45 PM ET
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Your cooking partner is a robot, your fridge can talk, and your plate is your own personal dietician. Oh, and for a laugh you occasionally have a cook-off with a famous holographic chef.

This may sound like a scene from 1960s sci-fi cartoon The Jetsons, but the kitchens in coming decades may not be so far off those envisioned by futurologists.

Today, a number of significant developments in culinary tech are happening in the field of robotics. CNN's Blueprint team caught up with a group of design students in Poland who recently programmed an industrial robot - usually tasked with building cars - to cook.

"Our project is called 'Let's cook the future' and we try to cook with robots - we had a robot that initially was made just to be in factories and make cars and we tried to treat it as a human and put it in the kitchen," says Barbara Dzaman, one of the students involved in the project.

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