August 23rd, 2013
01:15 PM ET
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Bill Cosby sits in the shade of his own shadow, a large mural painted in his likeness on the wall outside Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington D.C.

Cosby's still got a sharp mind and a sharper sense of humor, but he's starting to show his age: It's hot outside, and despite the sticky August weather, Cosby is wearing white socks with his brown leather sandals.

The 76-year-old comedy legend has been visiting the D.C. eating establishment since 1958 and is perhaps its most famous patron - so when the restaurant decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary, it was fitting that Cosby hosted the festivities.

This week, the restaurant turns 55, so it's no surprise he's back.

Before Cosby takes the stage, though, local politicos step into the spotlight and celebrate in the way politicos do - promising resolutions and issuing declarations and proclamations. A highlight was a letter read aloud from President and Mrs. Obama, who promise to return for a spicy meal soon.

But before Ben's Chili Bowl received the keys to the city, before the president took his first bite of a chili dog, and before Cosby put Ben and his family on the map, Ben's Chili Bowl was a humble food joint founded by an immigrant from Trinidad and his young wife.

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