June 21st, 2013
02:00 PM ET
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On a sunny Monday morning, over the open fields of Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, California, an unmanned aerial vehicle was turning heads - and it came with a cargo of carne asada.

World, meet the Burrito Bomber.

The Bomber is the beans and rice-filled brainchild of two engineers at popular reviews and recommendations website, Yelp.

Their ultimate goal is to send the Burrito Bomber into the wild, blue yonder, wait for a customer to place an order through a mobile app, then have the tortilla-toting plane do a fly-by delivery based on GPS coordinates.

"You have a little parachute that kind of hides up here [under the plane]," said Yoni De Beule, one of the plane's designers, "and when the burrito releases, the parachute gets pulled out and allows for the burrito to drop to the ground a little more safely."

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