April 3rd, 2013
10:30 AM ET
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Editor's note: Kim Flottum is the editor of Bee Culture magazine.

That honeybees die is not new. And that beekeepers accept that on average 30% or more of their livestock will vanish each spring isn't new either. But when more than half of all the honeybees in this country die almost at once - that is new. And that's what happened this spring.

Scientists have given this disaster the catchy, all-inclusive name Colony Collapse Disorder. It describes symptoms, but not cause.

The symptoms are straightforward. When examined in early spring, one day the colony has ample adults, an acceptable queen and a healthy number of juvenile bees ready to emerge and become adults. A week later - the adults are gone. Poof. They vanish into thin air, leaving the juveniles to emerge into a dying world.

Up to now, the disappearance of the bees has been attributed to a cluster of causes, with no single definitive culprit.

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  2. genx65

    Its pretty obvious that Monsanto's Round-up ready GMO soy beans and GMO corn are killing the bees. The chemicals in both of these are systemic and are not washed off with water. The bees are getting poisoned, disoriented and not going back to their colonies. The material safety data sheet on round up can be obtained from the EPA. Anyone eating GMO soybeans and corn shoudl take note that if it's bad for the bees, its probably not good for you. If you did not know, GMO soy and corn are in almost every packaged and frozen food with any processing at all. Fropzen dinners, most tunafish, most cooking oil, most crackers, cereal and breads, most all childrens foods marketed for kids are filled sith soy and corn that are Genetically modified. Monsanto in conjunction with our big food producters are making American's sick and desyroying thier immune systems.
    Don't believe me? Go look up GMO's, Monsanto and europe banning GMOs, and you will find out.
    I switched to all organic foods 3 months ago and every physical ailment I was having vanished in only a few days. Hair loss, rashes, weigh gain, joint pain and swelling, blurry vision, irregular cycles, flushed skin, intestinal distress. ALL GONE now. In 10 years of unknowingly eating GMO soy and corn in almost everything I ate I had cycts, miscarriages, lumps and all the stuff listed above. I feel like I have been freed from a prison now that I no longer buy foods with GMO's in them. The FDA WON"T force GMO labeling on our foods becuase they have people in thier administration past and present who worked for monsanto in the past. Even Clarence Thomas was an atty for Monsanto. Go see for yourself and switch to organic!!!

    April 4, 2013 at 3:19 pm |
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