Diners worth a drive
October 3rd, 2012
10:00 AM ET
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At chef Patrick Acuña's diner, patrons sit elbow-to-elbow on stools along the bright-red Formica bar. While the setup is familiar, the menu pushes the boundaries of diner food — serving fried chicken in a sushi roll.

Roll On Sushi Diner is doing its part to keep Austin, Texas, weird and has won over locals since opening in 2011. It's just one example of the evolution of the diner, which began as a prefab stainless-steel dining car (circa 1872 in Providence, Rhode Island) serving burgers and blue-plate specials and was immortalized by painter Edward Hopper as a late-night refuge.

These days, the diner is going gourmet, as critically acclaimed chefs spice up classic American dishes with Asian, Mexican, and other artisanal flavors.

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