International picnic day
June 18th, 2012
09:00 AM ET
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While you're frying up some eggs and bacon, we're cooking up something else: a way to celebrate today's food holiday.

Today is picnic perfect - June 18 is International Picnic Day!

The perfect picnic has three things: a blanket that forgives when the inevitable spill occurs, a utility tool that saves the day when you realize you forgot a bottle opener, and food that fills you up when you need it, or simply satisfies you when you don’t.

Picnics are underrated. They get a bad rap because of ants and soggy sandwiches. Here are some tips for a great time:

DO pick a spot that offers shade, taking into account the sun's progressions.

DON’T forget to bring a blanket. Any old one will do, but if you don’t have a dedicated picnic blanket that wipes off clean, bring a blanket you don’t mind staining.

DO bring a damp cloth or two in a sealed plastic bag. Folks with messy fingers will thank you later.

DON’T make the mistake of not reading the rules of wherever you’re going before hand. Some parks do/do not allow alcohol, pets, glass, etc.

DO bring cups that are versatile. Your favorite wine glasses might not withstand an unstable slope.

DON’T forget to bring games. People in the South love ladder golf and corn hole. If you’re less inclined, bring a Frisbee or football. Not all games need to be athletic, the challenge of Scrabble is just as fun.

DO make sure you pack as efficiently as you can: the less you bring, the less you have to cart back with you. Consider an all-inclusive picnic backpack set and always remember to bring a trash bag.

DON’T leave any of your trash behind. That’s just rude.

A picnic is the perfect way to mix up your weekday meal plan; they can be impromptu or planned. Grab a group of friends and find a new place to dine al fresco. The effort is worth the reward.

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  1. Mark Glicker

    Thought that it was Martini Day?

    June 19, 2012 at 2:11 pm |
  2. Arturo Féliz-Camilo

    Cold cuts?! check!

    June 18, 2012 at 9:59 am |
  3. JellyBean

    Assemble the sandwiches when you get there to avoid the soggy sandwich syndrome.

    June 18, 2012 at 9:38 am |
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