Chocolatier takes a radical approach to sourcing
February 8th, 2012
04:15 PM ET
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In search of a sweeter solution for your Valentine's Day chocolate? 18-year-old Zoë S. Taylor shares the story of Atlanta confection shop Sugar-Coated Radical, which according to their website, uses only direct and fair trade-organic-post-consumer recycled and locally sourced materials.

Taylor says, "I was attracted to the uniqueness of the shop, the friendly atmosphere, the beauty of the chocolates (when I first saw the chocolates, I immediately imagined all the images I could capture) and most importantly their ethical views."

The chocolate industry has come under scrutiny from human rights groups concerned by inhumane conditions in the cacao fields, and the use of child slaves to harvest the pods.

Taylor submitted this video to iReport assignment: Your Freedom Project challenge: Make a dish with ethically produced chocolate.

It's still open and the best submissions will be shown on CNN International, Eatocracy and the CNN Freedom Project blog.

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