Box lunch: Australian 'hair of the dog' and maritime chubbiness
January 2nd, 2012
12:00 PM ET
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  • Holy hangover, Batman! If you feel like a wallaby is hopping around inside your cranium, here are some cures from the land down under. - Sydney Morning Herald

  • The Coast Guard is having to navigate new maximum capacity regulations for the growing cargo size...of its passengers. - New York Times

  • Four million recipe mailers in England aim to pinch the country's waistline and the size of the grocery bill. - BBC

  • A new childhood obesity ad is sparking controversy with its tagline, "It's hard to be a little girl if you're not." - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  • You either fondue or you fondon't: In search of Switzerland's best pot of ooey, gooey cheese. - Wall Street Journal
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