October 27th, 2010
02:10 PM ET
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We asked via iReport for your stories of that person, place, book, restaurant or dish that made you sit up and start to see food as more than just a three times a day chore. You eat every day, and you've got a story to share.

Every so often, we're sharing the most hunger-inducing and heartfelt ones right 'chere.

iReporter ChrisMorrow caught up with Buddy Valastro, better known as TLC's "Cake Boss," on the red carpet of the Women's Conference in Long Beach, California. Turns out, his dear ol’ dad deserves all the credit for his mad baking skills, that he can whip up a mean truffle risotto and that baking isn't for the unscientific.

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  1. Evil Grin

    My great-grandmother taught me to love food and to really enjoy. She was the first person I can remember wanting visit because of her tremendous cooking ability. Everything was homemade, rolls, noodles, most of her herbs and veggies were home grown, her sauces were always fresh. Just about the only thing she didn't do was butcher her own meat. Not to say that she never had, but by the time I came along, she wasn't anymore. There was a local butcher whom she bought all her meat from. And in the tradition of all good Italian grandmothers, she wanted us to eat as much of her delicious food as we possibly could without exploding.

    However, it was mainly my mother who taught me to love all food. Both my parents were open to eating foods from most cultures and countries. We learned chopstick simultaneously with forks, after all. But my mother was always the one who taught us to try everything at least twice. My father would bulk at some things, but my mother would buy a cookbook and dive into new cuisine. (Even though her skill in cooking them was about 60/40.)

    October 27, 2010 at 2:32 pm |
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