Lunchtime poll - food snobs
September 24th, 2010
12:30 PM ET
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We use the unofficial tagline, "If it tastes good, it IS good" around these parts. This isn't to say that everything that tastes good is good FOR you - it's often rather the opposite case.

What we mean is that if something tastes good to you, and you like it, you don't need to apologize to anyone.

Not everyone feels that way.

With great embarrassment, I recall my first, and hopefully one of my few instances of food snobbery, from around age 10 or 11. My mother's twin sister had put together a lovely assemblage of deli cold cuts, cheeses, sandwich toppings, breads and condiments for lunch one day, and as I was happily munching away, she asked if I enjoyed the lunch she'd cooked for us.

"It's great," I said. "And thank you. But, you know, you didn't really cook it; you prepared it. There's a difference."

She had the good grace to laugh about it, but I still cringe at my rudeness in the face of someone who'd gone out of her way to prepare a thoughtful meal. And I couldn't help but notice - she cooked a quiche for lunch the next day. (Sorry, Aunt Polly.)

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