July 28th, 2010
12:45 PM ET
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Mad Men season premiere director Phil Abraham on sourcing the correct 1960s-style canned ham.

Q: Is there a prop from this episode that was especially hard to get a hold of?

A: I can tell you one thing that comes to mind is the canned ham.... Ellen [Freund, the prop master] found this Polish canned ham and presented it to Matt and Matt goes wait a minute, the hams were bigger and thinner and looked different [back then]. And that sent Ellen... on a journey of finding the canned ham that Matt had in mind... She was just one step short of actually manufacturing the can in the way that Matt had remembered it being. Ultimately I think it was decided that the can she found was still a really good canned ham and in fact we found precedent that they had canned hams in that size from the period.

Read the rest of the interview on AMCtv.com and get a retro recipe for the episode's much-touted Chicken Kiev

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